Empowering Change through Words and Innovation

We’re redefining publishing by merging our passion for social change with cutting-edge technology and an innovative business model. Specialising in literature that champions sustainable economic theories and social equity

– and we are walking the walk in the process.

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Innovative Publishing Made Easy
Leveraging AI for Enhanced Publishing

Our Vision

To support the emergence of the ‘unusual suspects’ and be a leading voice in innovative and sustainable economic thought leadership.

Our Mission

To publish transformative works that inspire change, influence policy, and create a better understanding of regenerative and circular economies.

Our Story

Innovative Publishing for a Better World

As a forward-thinking female-powered social enterprise, Paradigm Shift Press is not just about publishing impactful books; we’re about revolutionising the industry. We combine our commitment to social change with advanced AI technology to create a seamless, efficient, and far-reaching publishing experience.

AI and Beyond

Reimagining the Publishing Process

Discover how we’re using AI to transform traditional publishing. From AI-assisted editors to data-driven marketing strategies, we’re at the forefront of technological integration in the publishing world.

We aim to publish works that drive social and economic transformation. Leveraging AI and other innovative tools, we ensure that these powerful messages are delivered and received with the utmost effectiveness and reach.

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Got a question, an idea, or want to explore tech-driven publishing collaborations? Reach out to us, and let’s make a difference with innovation at our core.

Combing human centered and AI editing support

Reimagining the Publishing Process

Our network of experts in the field of circular and regenerative economic thought leaders offer the combination of expert insight and feedback combined with innovative solutions.

AI as a creative partner. This advanced technology acts as a sounding board, helping to refine your manuscript while preserving the unique essence and voice of your work. It intelligently analyses your style and narrative flow, offering suggestions that enhance clarity and impact without compromising your creative vision. You gain a collaborator that understands the subtleties of your voice, ensuring your message resonates with its intended power and authenticity.

Partnerships in Technology and Social Change

Join Us at the Intersection of Innovation and Impact

Learn about collaboration opportunities that combine your passion for change with our technological prowess. Whether you’re an author, a tech enthusiast, or an organization, let’s collaborate.

For Authors

Empower Your Publishing Journey Global Reach, Expert Support

We are committed to providing our authors with a seamless and empowering publishing experience. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Global Distribution: Your work will reach readers across the globe. We distribute eBooks, audiobooks, and print books to thousands of stores and libraries in over 100 countries, ensuring your voice is heard far and wide.

  2. Publication Preparation: From the moment you upload your manuscript, we’re here to help. We assist with book formatting,  cover design, and metadata optimization, making sure your book is perfectly prepared for publication.

  3. Multi-Format Publishing: We embrace all formats – whether eBook, audiobook, or print. Our streamlined process makes it easy to publish across multiple formats, maximizing your book’s potential.

  4. International Reach: Your book will not only be available on major platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Google Books but also on niche channels, ensuring diverse and extensive exposure.